Painting: Binevenagh & Lough Foyle: The View from Loughermore Road

New painting. When I reached County Derry on the #PaintingTour, direct from painting the weir at Sion Mills and cycling from Tyrone, I got there there just before a hurricane called Katia.

Too windy to cycle I waited for it to pass but it was also far too rainy to see much more than a few metres let alone the view that I wanted to paint. So I promised I’d return and do that painting.

It was the only such promise I made on the trip and so last week I finally returned, waited for days for the rain to stop, stole glimpses from windows, cars, and memories, and walked in the rain and the clouds before putting this painting together.

Painting of Lough Foyle, Magilligan, and Binevenagh from up by St Finlough's Church on the Loughermore Road
Best viewed enlarged

That’s Donegal in the distance over there to the left – Inishowen. On the Painting Tour I cycled down around the back of the church, and on across those flatlands of Magilligan and around Binevenagh Mountain, vomiting as I went for I was not well, to Coleraine and Portstewart before ultimately finishing that day in Portrush.

The rest of the completed paintings from the trip can be seen here. I am currently very busy trying to get the last few finished, others sent out, and keep the rent going by doing new commissions. If you haven’t heard from me for a while it’s because I’m trying to spend the time getting the paintings finished rather than explaining why they’re not.

Some paintings done mostly on site and finishing touches added in Dublin: Wexford, Crescent Quay and Galway Panorama, and Kenmare, Henry Street. There are over a dozen more still to come.

The View from Loughermore Road is painted on canvas, 50cm x 40cm (20 in x 16 in), and is now residing on the Loughermore road with my wonderful Derry Painting Tour host.

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