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Day 1 Dublin – Wicklow – Kildare

This is not the night to fall asleep. 6 hours before the start. Packing will start in 3. Or 4.
7/01/11 01:04:41 AM

Those paints don’t half weigh a chunk.
7/01/11 03:26:12 AM

Have added the tour tweets to the sidebar of Planning to be ready to start the tour in about 2 hours.
7/01/11 05:12:59 AM

[psneeze: @eolai You're starting early on the #paintingtour. Early worms and such I presume.]
@psneeze Well, planning to. Where planning is another word for hoping. Still have to pack though.
7/01/11 05:22:59 AM

AudioBoo thinks I’m a Mystery User. ‘Time to start. Goodbye studio’ #paintingtour
7/1/11 06:09:20 AM

Beautiful 1st few miles, on an overloaded bike. So ejecting some clothes now including the jumper. It’s like shaving the beard #paintingtour
7/1/11 10:45:00 AM

Painting, as it happens. Somewhere in the hills, 25km after leaving the studio
At the upper Bohernabreena reservoir
7/1/11 13:43:36 PM

This wasn’t supposed to happen, ,especially
Shredded tyre, The Lamb Hill
7/1/11 8:59:38 PM

Well that was rather an eventful day. Mountains & hills gave me v limited phone coverage so apologies for my limited contact #paintingtour
7/2/11 00:15:24 AM

Before that blowout ripped a 30cm hole in my front tube yesterday, I painted a commissiion and handed it over. Will post photo #paintingtour
7/2/11 02:43:17 AM

[thirstygargoyle: @eolai Is that you fixing a puncture, or the most bizarre tube eruption? Also, it's a bit dark. You far from destination?]
@thirstygargoyle It was a tube eruption. At speed too. I did v well not to go flying, which my original unposted tweet also said. #techfail
7/2/11 04:23:50 AM

@wrathofkang @RuthePhoenix @SimonPRepublic @Niamheyb @BarkusMaximus Thanks. Was Kildare. Incomplete tweet. Twitter failing so SOS was by txt
7/2/11 04:38:19 AM

[MarketaDee: Special #FF to @eolai. Follow him to enjoy and support his #paintingtour. He's just had a puncture, hope he'll be able to repair it.]
@MarketaDee Thanks. And not so much a puncture as an explosion. Tube is shredded so time to buy a new one :)
7/2/11 05:42:08 AM

[RuthePhoenix: @eolai Argh! That's a pain! :( Where you at? You ok? x]
@RuthePhoenix Thanks. In the original tweet which never posted (one of many yesterday) I had also stressed I was unhurt – albeit luckily
7/2/11 04:44:49 AM

[MazzyK (Maria Kenny): @eolai Oh shit! Are you ok? I guess you have your repair stuff with you but that is such a pain :( ]
@MazzyK Sorry missed you, struggled to get on twitter. Way beyond repair Blowout. That’s a 12-inch hole. Going downhill. Managed not to fall
7/2/11 04:56:07 AM


Day 2 Kildare

[jonathangrimes @eolai looks nasty - glad you were ok. Looked like a perfect day for cycling yesterday.]
@jonathangrimes I was all over the road. Amazed I didn’t come off, but yes it was a perfect day for cycling. Couldn’t have asked for nicer.
7/2/11 06:50:36 AM

[ciaranpjd (Ciaran Downey) @eolai Jesus, 30cm - what happened? Did you run over a fallen cactus? BTW any cyclists going to part-travel with you at any stage? #propp]
@ciaranpjd Made a help of a bang as it popped. Oh, and see FAQ 14 on
7/2/11 12:02:01 PM

I’m visiting the grave of one Arthur Guinness, and here’s the view from the roof. #paintingtour
From the roof
7/2/11 12:34:34 PM

I’d forgotten I like this road. Just a couple of miles. No cars, just horses. #paintingtour
7/2/11 15:25:19 PM

Jusr did some sketching, but this is a photo. Sallins. Kildare. #paintingtour
Grand Canal, Sallins, from the bridge
7/2/11 16:21:07 PM

[tnteacherTim Tim Nelligan @psneeze @eolai What be the plan re Wicklow now, me hearties? #paintingtour]
@tnteacherTim Going with no change, so intending (hoping) to cycle via Ballymore E and Laragh, to you tomorrow. (Can’t DM you) #paintingtour
7/2/11 17:10:26 PM

Looking at maps with a view to making tomorrow’s climbs manageable. #paintingtour
7/2/11 23:00:35 PM

[MazzyK Maria Kenny @eolai How are you getting on? #paintingtour]
@MazzyK Feeling rather tired, thanks. Enjoying the beautiful weather though.
7/2/11 23:40:06 PM


Day 3 Kildare – Wicklow

Struggling with technology to show you a painting, I’m pausing to struggle in the mountains on the bicycle. May be off grid #paintingtour
7/3/11 9:34:38 AM

The Wicklow Gap, and a bicycle called Long Grass. #paintingtour
The bike, at the Wicklow Gap
7/3/11 11:59:05 AM

Turning on Latitude to, I’m hoping, dispel the notion I’m in Drogheda, #annamoe #paintingtour
7/3/11 13:15:54 PM

Wicklow Towned. And now to paint. #paintingtour
From the North Pier, Wicklow Town
7/3/11 15:13:33 PM

[jkeyes (John Keyes) @eolai Hot day for the hills. Good spin?]
@jkeyes Actually there was a lovely breeze into the face, nice and cooling so not too hot at all. Outrageously gorgeous day #paintingtour
7/3/11 17:43:01 PM

Lovely down there RT @tnteacherTim Here is @eolai on Wicklow’s North Pier : #paintingtour
Eolai painting on Wicklow's north pier
7/3/11 17:47:51 PM

[robcrilly (Rob Crilly): @eolai oooh oooh oooh. What are you painting? I'll buy anything you do of Clogherhead, or anything "scenic" of Drogheda]
@robcrilly Eventually but it’ll be near end of August as am actually in Wicklow Town now – but Google Latitude keeps saying I’m in Drogheda
7/3/11 17:53:16 PM

[amidst online debate regarding Clare Tully photos]
There’s a hole in the backside of my cycling shorts. Not sure today is the day to twitpic
7/3/11 22:09:04 PM

[yarrumk (Keith Murray): @eolai so it was you I saw outside Laragh then today, beautiful, f a little punishing, day for a cycle over the gap]
@yarrumk Yep, if it was an overloaded bike topped with a plastic tub of canvases! No complaints on the weather. Some gorgeous moments.
7/3/11 22:24:21 PM

I did an audio recording while on the bike today, but try as I might AudioBoo would not upload it. #paintingtour
7/3/11 22:33:09 PM

[sashaw: @eolai how is the tour going?]
@sashaw Eventful, thanks. Very full, and I’m enjoying myself too much.
7/3/11 23:20:56PM

[ciaranpjd (Ciaran Downey): @eolai On behalf of a grateful nation... Fix that boo yoke. There should be an animated gif of you to accompany it. #paintingtour]
@ciaranpjd I’ll keep working on it. Coverage in mountains these 1st few days hasn’t helped. Probably better for you, forcing me to practice.
7/3/11 21:35:35

Looking out at a view in darkness and putting it back in colour in my head. Drinking too.
7/4/11 01:27:14 AM


Day 4 Wicklow

Stunning sunrise over Wicklow Town.
07/03/2011 10:57:23 PM

Charging the phone, the mifi, the tablet, and batteries for the camera. It’s the kind of man I am.
07/03/2011 11:22:04 PM

[doogarry (Máiréad Quinn): @eolai where to next?]
@doogarry Shillelagh direction. Pondering safety of routes at the moment given the limitations of my large rig and legs.
07/04/2011 02:15:36 AM

[ElaineEdwards: @eolai Re audioboo: is is under 5 minutes? Also, I found 3G very unreliable for uploading to it. Lost a Garret FitzGerald interview.]
@ElaineEdwards Fairly sure I was under the 5 all right. Have only managed to get 1 out of 4 recordings up so far, but I’ll persevere
07/04/2011 02:34:22 AM

Talking. A lot. Technically still having a wonderful meal. I’m in wonderful company in a wonderful cottage, in a wonderful corner of Wicklow
07/04/2011 12:56:17 PM

Listening to rooks and sheep do their evening noises
07/04/2011 03:05:02 PM


Day 5 Wicklow – Carlow

[ReclaimTheVoice (ThePeoplesProtest): @eolai Good luck with the journey, am now following, have seen the painting of Brittas Bay this evening, fair play....]
@ReclaimTheVoice Cheers!
07/04/2011 09:52:41 PM

About to paint, on a hill in Wicklow, before heading into County Carlow. And before the rain. I’ll just finish this tea first. #paintingtour
07/05/2011 04:40:22 AM

Looks like audio recording no. 5 has gone the way of Boo numbers 2, 3, and 4, into the ether. #paintingtour
07/05/2011 06:25:19 AM

For what it’s worth, I am blogging, painting, sketching, recording, etc. Just not managing to publish v much. Will though. #paintingtour
07/05/2011 08:23:27 AM

Beautiful day but quite a struggle holding the canvas in the wind let alone paint it, whilst hoping my tea doesn’t blow over #paintingtour
07/05/2011 10:40:40 AM

On the bicycle. Crossing the Dereen river into Carlow #paintingtour
Dereen River
07/05/2011 02:38:17 PM

Em, I tweeted hours ago to say I arrived safely at my Carlow hosts – but it looks like it didn’t go up. Drinking tea & wine. #paintingtour
07/05/2011 06:58:41 PM


Day 6 Carlow – Kilkenny

[AnaPetrovna: @eolai Safe travels!]
@AnaPetrovna Thank you!
07/05/2011 07:48:04 PM

[Tatsgoodenuf (John Anderson): @eolai I'm still confused cause latitude is again saying your in Drogheda. Beginning to think it's my browser.]
@Tatsgoodenuf Kill it and refresh? Mine had me there too yesterday.
07/05/2011 08:10:58 PM

[ElaineEdwards: @eolai Wine in one hand, tea in the other. Excellent.]
@ElaineEdwards Beer now. I have many hands.
07/05/2011 08:18:05 PM

Looking at some birds on a lamp post. Perfect blue sky here in Carlow but l’ve seen the scary radar so I’m drinking tea #paintingtour
07/06/2011 02:16:43 AM

[Nelligirl01 (Lisa Nelligan): @eolai Hope you meet only small hills and gently slopping slopes on your travels, and many a full mug of tea. #paintingtour]
@Nelligirl01 Thank you very much!
07/06/2011 03:08:00 AM

Wonderful time! RT @TherealGerRyan I love the painting that @Eolai did of my house! Safe cycling, twas a pleasure.
Shillelagh Cottage
07/06/2011 03:09:50 AM

Arrived. Up a hill somewhere in Kilkenny. It’s fair to say I’m wet. #paintingtour
07/06/2011 02:22:11 PM

There are people I owe responses to for days now at this stage, and I will get there, but I’m going to have a shower right now #paintingtour
07/06/2011 06:03:54 PM

[CaitrionaW: @eolai tweeting and showering? You have an amazing phone/computer. ;-) ]
@CaitrionaW Gorilla glass:)
07/06/2011 06:30:00 PM

RT @tnteacherTim Inspired by @TherealGerRyan’s pic of her @eolai painting, the wonderful 1 he did for us #paintingtour
Wicklow town view
07/06/2011 06:47:47 PM

Talking gently to my knees.
07/07/2011 03:17:12 AM


Day 7 Kilkenny – Carlow

Painting, on a sunny hill in Kilkenny. Cows lazing to the right of me, birds arguing behind me, the whole world in front of me #paintingtour
07/07/2011 04:31:20 AM

[linglang (elaine Daly): @eolai try those blue things I gave you. They'll talk even more gently ;o) ]
@linglang I kept forgetting about them. My knees are grand though – once I don’t bend them. #paintingtour
07/07/2011 08:06:14 AM

Can someone tell me what day it is please? I keep counting over and over and getting lost. I’m sure this device should tell me, but where?
07/07/2011 08:24:04 AM

Thank You! Reaching the going mad stage. @AnseoAMuinteoir @davebolger @GreenClouds4
07/07/2011 08:30:12 AM

A gap in a hedge, a Kilkenny hedge. #paintingtour
Kilkenny View
07/07/2011 08:45:53 AM

A Kilkenny painting, finished an hour ago and left safely secreted #paintingtour
Kilkenny painting
07/07/2011 10:57:59 AM

Just crossed the Barrow at Leighlinbridge, but here’s a bridge I took an hour ago, at Goresbridge. #paintingtour
Goresbridge /><br />
<em>07/07/2011 12:49:20 PM</em></p>
<p>The sheep are singing, and they’re singing just for me (in the other field) #paintingtour <a href=
Carlow fields
07/07/2011 01:35:43 PM

In, out of the darkening sky and refreshing rain. There’s a cup of tea in my hand, and I’m going to finally reply to everyone. #paintingtour
07/07/2011 03:15:21 PM

[eske: @eolai beautiful old bridge -future painting perhaps. Are you able to follow any of the G+ chatter?]
@eske I saw one link in an invite from you but they said I can’t fully look until I get an invite
07/07/2011 03:57:00 PM

[Feargainim: @eolai I grew up near there, caught my first fish in the Barrow : ) ]
@Fearganainim Beautiful all around there. Really enjoyed it.
07/07/2011 04:00:53 PM

[vinylart (Daniel Edlen): @eolai beautiful. I love what you're doing!]
@vinylart Thank you. It’s a fun idea all right, but only possible with the help of so many people.
07/07/2011 04:03:10 PM

[susankilkenny (Susan Cullen): @eolai Nice painting!]
@susankilkenny Thanks
07/07/2011 04:04:24 PM

[adrianshanahan: @eolai Are you down in Graighnamanna direction from looking at the painting?]
@adrianshanahan I wouldn’t have been a million miles away. When I saw your tweet I was about 20km away.
07/07/2011 04:33:28 PM

[adrianshanahan: @eolai How is your tour going, what direction are you headed now?]
@adrianshanahan It’s going great, thanks, though I’m struggling with time, and knees. Carlow 2nd time now, N Wexford next #paintingour
07/07/2011 04:43:59 PM

[elaineedards: @eolai How's the trip and how are the knees holding up? You getting a good welcome?]
@ElaineEdwards People’ve been brilliant. If I can avoid steep hills the knees should last. Might have to keep mileage down, or paint quicker
07/07/2011 07:51:26 PM

Tomorrow is an official rest day. There will be minimal cycling but painting and time to get the blog, the photos, etc sorted #paintingtour
07/07/2011 07:58:31 PM

[garethoconnor: @eolai highlight so far? #paintingtour]
@garethoconnor Tough one. Genuine highs every single day so far. Sensual overload. Blog posts should start appearing tomorrow #paintingtour
07/07/2011 08:06:19 PM

[elaineedwards: @eolai Paint quicker. You're set for hosts everywhere you need them? Don't forget the likes/dislikes list. I have tea and wine on 'likes'.]
@ElaineEdwards God no, I’m not even looking for hosts in some areas until I’m near there. Should manage the likes/dislikes tomorrow
07/07/2011 08:10:50 PM

[elaineedwards: @eolai I will add the black stuff to the list. I hope you can live with cats.]
@ElaineEdwards All sorts of animals. :)
07/07/2011 11:37:45 PM

[mollydot: Love it! Esp the fields. RT @eolai: A Kilkenny painting, finished an hour ago and left safely secreted #paintingtour]
@mollydot Great! Glad you’re pleased. When retrieving be careful as protective sleeve is v slippery and I got long side open ones by mistake
07/07/2011 11:41:54 PM


Day 8 Carlow

Looking at maps and clouds over a cup of tea. Planning to paint at Duckett’s Grove, Carlow, today. #paintingtour
07/08/2011 04:45:28 AM

Argh. Just put grapefruit juice in my tea. Who designs these cartons? Drinking it anyway. Tastes exactly like you think it would
07/08/2011 04:54:26 AM

[Paulhughesgee (Paul Hughes): @eolai how's the tour going so far?]
@Paulhughesgee It’s going great, thanks, give or take dodgy knees and time being tight. See #paintingtour for photos & trip news
07/08/2011 06:06:48 AM

Sketching in the rain. Which means I’m holding the sketch book above my head and drawing up in the air. #carlow #paintingtour
07/08/2011 06:24:26 AM

Watching a pied wagtail in the rain. Missing my jumper, my flask, and my dog. About to paint. #paintingtour
07/08/2011 07:50:51 AM

[MaireSligo (Máire Garvey): @eolai Hey. Where can I go to find out when I can expect you in #Sligo? We have to meet @anniewestdotcom for tea. And cakes.]
@MaireSligo There are maps with rough dates (pre-start estimates) on the Route page of but I’ll be adding new info.
07/08/2011 07:04:06 AM

[MaireSligo (Máire Garvey): @eolai Ok. So I'll expect you at the end of the month. Or early in August. Or later in August, even. Or maybe September, even.... :-) ]
@MaireSligo Ha. Original estimates for Sligo were around 10 days into August, but tomorrow all going well I arrive in N Wexford 3 days late
07/08/2011 08:05:14 AM

Thanks to @tnteacherTim for getting me to write something down on paper so as to save me time later. It just did. #paintingtour
07/08/2011 09:38:13 AM

It’s raining, it’s pouring. I wonder what the old man is doing?
07/08/2011 09:43:31 AM

Some evening painting in the rain, with a new job for the handlebars #paintingtour
With the bike, painting
07/08/2011 02:45:27 PM

07/08/2011 07:19:47 PM

Doing the map thing..
07/08/2011 09:25:39 PM

That’s a very dense fog out there.
07/09/2011 01:01:08 AM


Day 9 Carlow – Wicklow – Wexford

[maidhci: @eolai cen ait a bhfuil tu anois a @eolai?]
@maidhci i gCeatharlach, aris, ach ag dul go dti Loch Garman inniu #paintingtour
07/09/2011 07:40:11 AM

[wrathofkang: ]
@wrathofkang My knees have slowed me down. Did up an estimate last night, in light of that, and Cork city now looking like July 16 & 17
07/09/2011 08:20:31 AM

Just half an hour more painting then it’s time to load up the bicycle and head for Wexford via Wicklow. #paintingtour
07/09/2011 09:11:09 AM

[tnteacherTim (Tim Nelligan): @eolai I bet you're still at it.....]
@tnteacherTim Finished! It’s finished. Now, where’s that pot of tea? #paintingtour
07/09/2011 10:31:25 AM

Eating a stuffed chicken roll on a bench in Shillelagh. *waves* at @TherealGerRyan #paintingtour
07/09/2011 02:50:19 PM

Considering the road ahead, from behind the saddle #paintingtour
With the bike, a tea break
07/09/2011 03:12:43 PM

Safe. With my Wexford hosts. A pot of tea in my belly, a can of beer in my hand, and a rather great view out the window. #paintingtour
07/09/2011 01:09:51 AM

[MaireSligo (Máire Garvey): @eolai Where's your hat?]
@MaireSligo Bike helmet takes over hat duties for cycling time (note helmet hair) but is allowed off for v shorts stop pages. Longer = hat.
07/09/2011 01:22:10 AM

My phone lied to me today & some tweets from the road didn’t go up. Tomorrow I might post some photos I thought I already had #paintingtour
07/09/2011 01:27:00 AM

[linglang (Elaine Daly): @eolai you tried those blue things out yet? You're knees'll love em. Telling you. DogDog was hanging with an orange sphere in the garden btw]
@linglang I’m just a bit concerned taking them for that kind of pain – as I’m thinking if my knees hurt they should, like it’s a warning.
07/09/2011 01:47:50 AM

Today’s route: Killerig, long way to Tullow, Shillelagh, over mtns to Coolatin, Coolboy, Coolafancy, Annagh Gap, Killanerin #paintingtour
07/09/2011 02:08:43 AM

[MazzyK (Maria Kenny ): @eolai I have no idea where those places are but it sounds like a trek. But a good trek. Hope you're not too sore :) ]
@MazzyK 3 counties. Started the day in Carlow, then went throught Wicklow, and finished it here in Wexford. Fantastic scenery. I’m grand :)
07/09/2011 02:32:01 AM


Day 10 Wexford

Think I’ll look at maps before I go walkanout
07/10/2011 07:56:18 AM

This is where I am right now, on a bicycle. Where are you? #paintingtour
Up in the Wicklow mountains

Last photo isn’t where I am right now, it’s where I was yesterday but only just uploaded. Right now I’m painting in Wexford #paintingtour
07/10/2011 12:10:43 PM

Painting Ireland, and its 40 shades of red. #paintingtour
painting Tara Hill in Wexford
07/10/2011 01:25:02 PM

Extracting greenfly from my tea. Except where I’m swallowing them.
07/10/2011 01:50:16 PM

This painting is going slow.
07/10/2011 04:12:56 PM

[mediamurray (Jack Murray): @eolai what are u painting]
@mediamurray I’m painting what I’m looking at – Tara Hill, here in north Wexford. #paintingtour
07/10/2011 04:45:57 PM

Painting number 6 of #paintingtour is now done – it’s for my fabulous Wexford hosts Mr & Mrs @davebolger
Tara Hill painting, Wexford
07/10/2011 09:14:21 PM

[in reference to meme]
All of Twitter Ireland appeas to be doing something in my pants
07/10/2011 11:54:55 PM


Day 11 Wexford

[lorrainelarkin (Lorraine Larkin): @eolai haha, yeah I noticed that. How's the painting going?]
@lorrainelarkin It’s going fine, thNks, though it really needs to go a bit quicker if I’m to finish the trip before Halloween :)
07/10/2011 04:29:54 AM

Think I made a pot of tea I forgot to drink. Which would explain this headache. Now, will I watch sunrise over Tara Hill? #paintingtour
07/10/2011 04:39:14 AM

Today is 1st day of #paintingtour with no host. Planning cycling from north of Gorey towards Wexford town.
07/10/2011 05:32:28 AM

Photos, Updates, and Plans #paintingtour
07/11/2011 07:27:40 AM

Long Grass at the beach. Courtown. #paintingtour
Courtown Beach, Wexford
07/11/2011 10:01:52 AM

Blackwater in Wexford. Stopping because, well look. #paintingtour
The bike in Blackwater, Wexford for lunch
07/11/2011 12:27:11 PM

[linglang (Elaine Daly): @eolai Pop in to Roz's mother on your route... you should spot the museum somewhere that way]
@linglang Where is she again? I called into Andrew’s knowing he was in Turkey. Got to meet a cousin from Australia. And use the jax.
07/11/2011 12:52:34 PM

Having lunch in the garden by the memorial for the victims of the Pomona sinking (of which that photo is a view from). #paintingtour
07/11/2011 01:02:39 PM

I’ll be painting later, and trying to flog it here on twitter for dinner & B&B. In Wexford town I think. Keep an eye #paintingtour
07/11/2011 01:11:54 PM

Is it right or left for Gibraltar? #paintingtour
Welcome to Wexford town
07/11/2011 02:14:53 PM

Before I start looking, twitter, do ya reckon you could find me somewhere cheap to stay in Wexford town tonight? #paintingtour
07/11/2011 03:45:42 PM

[ElaineEdwards (Elaine Edwards): @eolai I don’t know Wexford but there’s a hostel called Kirwan House from €21-€27]
@ElaineEdwards That looks really good, but with the possibility of me painting at 3am I’d really need a room to myself
07/11/2011 03:28:26 PM

[visitwexford (Visit Wexford): @eolai Hi! What did you have in mind, B&B, hostel, hotel, camping? maybe we can recommend you somewhere.]
@visitwexford Probably a B&B, somewhere I can use all my stuff in middle of the night (I paint). Was thinking of crossing back over river?
07/11/2011 03:32:06 PM

[ElaineEdwards (Elaine Edwards): @eolai Did you get sorted yet?]
@ElaineEdwards No, not sorted yet. Got distracted by a place where I could get a large pot of tea.
07/11/2011 04:15:23 PM

“We’ve just 1 room left and it’s very small” “There’s only 1 of me and I’m very small” I said, drawing her gaze away from my belly
07/11/2011 05:30:26 PM

[tnteacherTim (Tim Nelligan): @eolai I can pick you up in less than an hour, if you get stuck.........]
@tnteacherTim Thanks. I’m grand – it’s always been part of the plan to have. hostless nights I try to fund through painting. Here I go so.
07/11/2011 06:09:30 PM

[lurganista (Wendie): @eolai if ur stuck in my neck o the woods tweet me...;) ]
@lurganista Thank you, I will. Stuck means I’m dying for a cup of tea, yeah?
07/11/2011 06:15:21 PM

Your sex might be on fire but, I tell ya, it’s got nothing on my knees.
07/11/2011 08:03:08 PM

[klaraflame (Klara Golež): @eolai Best of luck on your travels around the country.]
07/11/2011 08:38:06 PM

[elana (Elana Kehoe): New post:]
@elana @brendan_kehoe Thinking of you. Willing you all the best.
07/11/2011 10:30:07 PM

Trying to paint.
07/11/2011 11:36:06 PM

[mollyhicks (Deirdre Kelleher): @eolai you gonna make it to cork on your trip?]
@mollyhicks On the website ( you can see the map with all the people (who’ve volunteered to host) that I’m visiting.
07/11/2011 11:54:29 PM


Day 12 Wexford

[MacDaraME (MacDara): @eolai how did you get on with the painting.]
@MacDaraME Not quite finished the painting yet – fell asleep y’day when I didn’t want to. Trying to finish it before checkout #paintingtour
07/12/2011 02:23:46 AM

My body gave up whilst painting Wexford’s Crescent Qy yesterday. And I thought it was recharged. Haven’t decided on today yet #paintingtour
07/12/2011 03:44:08 AM

Given time constraints, I’m thinking of painting in 2 locations today – though probably not at the same time. #paintingtour
07/12/2011 11:34:06 AM

Set up at Crescent Qy in Wexford to finish this painting I started last night. After that time will dictate where I cycle #paintingtour
07/12/2011 12:18:44 PM

[doogarry (Máiréad Quinn): @eolai how are u fixed re Cavan accommodation? I'm in west Cavan, mile from Leitrim border but won't be home until end Aug I reckon]
@doogarry Thanks. If I make it that far it could be late Aug or early Sep. Met someone yesterday who offered to host near Cootehill.
07/12/2011 01:05:10 PM

By the way, this was painting no 1, the 1st commission, done on 1st day of #paintingtour
First painting of Painting Tour - Glenasmole in Dublin
07/12/2011 01:13:52 PM

Apologies for lack of replies. Because it’s acrylics I use, I get seconds in warm Irish sun to login etc. before paint dries @Paulhughesgee
07/12/2011 01:50:35 PM

[doogarry (Máiréad Quinn): @eolai No prob. that's about an hour's drive from me. East Cavan :) ]
@doogarry Bit further on a bike then ;) If I had to guess now I’d say Sep more likely. I’ll add you to file I have somewhere #paintingtour
07/12/2011 02:23:11 PM

[johnmurrayshow (TheJohnMurrayShow): @eolai Sounds interesting. Can you email contact details to please?]
@johnmurrayshow Do you mean everything or are you responding to a specific tweet?
07/12/2011 02:24:51 PM

just posted a pic:
07/12/2011 02:33:28 PM

Stupid devices. I need Device Squad. That last prematurely posted pic was painting scene here in Wex #paintingtour
Crescent Quay, Wexford, painting it on a bicycle
07/12/2011 03:11:46 PM

In Kilmore Quay, about to go looking for accomodation. #paintingtour
Wexford, Kilmore Quay, a boat
07/12/2011 06:05:36 PM

B&B’d. So now I need to finish 2 paintings and try to sell ‘em. But first, let me put some pants on. Oh look, there’s a kettle #paintingtour
07/12/2011 06:42:33 PM

Out for an evening cycle, much like the sun. Guess I’m on the south coast now #paintingtour
Kilmore Quay beach, sunset
07/12/2011 08:29:59 PM

I’m learning that sitting on the bed is a high-risk strategy
07/12/2011 02:50:13 AM


Day 13 Wexford – Waterford

[MacDaraME (MacDara): Newly Discovered Da Vinci to Go on Show in London #Culture, #AgenceFrancePresse what's @eolai #paintingtour been up 2]
@MacDaraME Knocked out by sea air while painting here in Kilmore Quay #paintingtour
07/12/2011 03:27:23 AM

[MaireSligo (Máire Garvey): @eolai I'll bet you're feeling really peaceful right now - a place and light like that will do that to you.]
@MaireSligo Too peaceful as it turned out. All very nice though
07/12/2011 03:28:52 AM

[pansyaddict (Mary Kennedy): @eolai Like your paintings and your photos. Hope you are enjoying your travelling]
@pansyaddict Thank you. And I am!
07/12/2011 03:30:26 AM

[bngr (bngr): @eolai ooo, forgot you're on the road. Hows it going so far]
@bngr Grand, thanks. There’s always if you wanted more than one word. Or #paintingtour on here
07/12/2011 03:34:14 AM

[Paulhughesgee (Paul Hughes): @eolai thrilled it's going well for you. Had first day back in studio yesterday after knee op 2 months ago. The paints were annoyed with me!]
@Paulhughesgee Excellent. They’ll come around.
07/12/2011 03:36:06 AM

[ladyrobinson (ladyrobinson): @eolai I am enjoying your adventure. It sounds delightful.]
@ladyrobinson It is, thank you. It could really use 36-hour day.
07/12/2011 03:39:17 AM

Painting. And wondering why the sun isn’t up. #paintingtour
07/12/2011 04:15:59 AM

[psneeze (Jim Daly): I see @eolai is doing his teleportation thing again. Latitude says he went from Kilmore Quay to Drogheda in seconds.]
@psneeze I’m pretty sure in the last couple of days I’ve managed bilocation with Drogheda & elsewhere. As a general rule I’m not in Drogheda
07/13/2011 06:27:44 AM

Today’s plan is to cycle from Kilmore Quay to somewhere west of Tramore. But first some breakfast and some more painting #paintingtour
07/13/2011 08:02:28 AM

Always weird when I do things like this #paintingtour – my nails grow. Yes, I know.
07/13/2011 09:41:43 AM

This is possibly the nicest day in the history of the universe. And I’m not just talking to Creationists. #paintingtour
bike on a tree-covered road in Ireland
07/13/2011 11:58:41 AM

No, really. Stopping to watch the oystercatchers and the curlews. #paintingtour
Barrow estuary
07/13/2011 12:07:37 PM

[misteil (Rónán Mistéil): @eolai Wow, beautiful. Hope you're having a ball.]
@misteil Scared of enjoying myself too much
07/13/2011 12:32:56 PM

[nmcgivney (Nick McGivney): @eolai Are you small now, or far away?]
@nmcgivney Who said that? I can’t tell – you’re very very small & there’s a soft breeze on my legs which is distracting me #wellingtonbridge
07/13/2011 12:37:18 PM

Doing a slalom around Ireland’s dead wildlife. Wild dead, as they might call it in. northern parts. Also, beware a straight road.
07/13/2011 01:20:51 PM

So anyway, Arthurstown. #paintingtour
Looking down on Arthurstown
07/13/2011 01:54:45 PM

I’m on a boat. #paintingtour (Passage East)
With the bicycle on the ferry to Passage East
07/13/2011 02:24:25 PM

Rather hot so stopping for a cup of tea whilst I spot the goats above Passage. Oh, and Waterford is County no. 7 of #paintingtour
07/13/2011 02:48:46 PM

[johncollins1971(John Collins): @eolai I'm not far away my friend (in Waterford), you need a lift anywhere... I'm free at the minute... that's a big hill up out of passage.]
@johncollins1971 Thanks v much. Perhaps it’s the weather but I’m feeling mischievously invincible at the moment & going to try Tramore way.
07/13/2011 03:33:59 PM

[katehorgan (Kate Horgan): @eolai Sorry for ignorance but what does your Twitname mean? Google Translate gives it as "without festival guide". Shurely shome mishtake?]
@katehorgan No mistake – if you look at the 2nd question here you’ll get a partial explanation
07/13/2011 05:49:09 PM

Tramore. I’ve made it to Tramore. My left knee hates me. Wait ’til I tell it I’ve to get up this hill and on some more km yet #paintingtour
07/13/2011 05:51:37 AM

[ciaranpjd (Ciaran Downey): @eolai Are you planning on taking the coast road out of there, heading Youghalwards? It's a bitch, up & down, without travelling far.]
@ciaranpjd No, spotted that. Planed knitting some back roads together but legs are spent so to avoid hills heading to Cork Rd, then back in.
07/13/2011 06:30:56 PM

In. Safe, and arguably sound. Rural Waterford. Dinnered, tea-ed, and now about to make myself sociable by showering #paintingtour
07/13/2011 10:47:51 PM

[nigelpim (Nigel Pim): @eolai didnt think you were coming to tramore are you okay for everything ?]
@nigelpim Yes, thank you. Was a v short visit. The climb over from Passage fairly beat me, and I’m another 16 or 20 km on now #paintingtour
07/13/2011 11:00:16 PM

[MacDaraME (MacDara): @eolai I hear it's about time. What happened the photos of paintings ?]
@MacDaraME They’ll happen, and I’ll shout about them in advance. Just struggling at the moment to manage all aspects of time
07/13/2011 11:44:20 PM

Starting to feel human. Pondering paintings and ominous maps for tomorrow. It could be time for tea now.
07/13/2011 00:10:25 AM


Day 14 Waterford

07/14/2011 08:39:59 AM

A closer photo of the Wexford painting in progress. Am painting in Co Waterford today. #paintingtour
Crescent Quay, Wexford, painting it on a bike
07/14/2011 08:59:04 AM

[ciaranpjd (Ciaran Downey): @eolai Sweet. Wearing the Fauvist specs today, I see. Hope the knees stay well. WD40 works wonders according to some websites. #paintingtour]
@ciaranpjd WD40 was a nickname given to me on a course in a former life – it was related to my hair texture.
07/14/2011 11:08:59 AM

[benkenealy (benkenealy): @eolai what to do if you go to someone's house on #paintingtour and they ask you to paint them in the nude #random]
@benkenealy Covered in the FAQ on I think we’re safe.
07/14/2011 11:10:36 AM

[phowlin (Pádraig Howlin): @eolai Just looked at your photos. I grew up between Kilmore and Arthurstown. Beautiful place.]
@phowlin Very much so. It was a privilege to get to see so much of it on such a perfect day.
01/14/2011 11:13:03 !M

[ElaineEdwards (Elaine Edwards): @eolai RT @paulbradshaw: RT @jemimakiss: AudioBoo launched file and image upload via email today. email to get going.]
@ElaineEdwards Thanks for that. Registered with them this morning for emailing updates. You might get to hear me again yet!
07/14/2011 11:15:59 AM

[@bngr (bngr) @eolai that map with all the faces is great.]
@bngr The map needs to be updated with some new faces but I haven’t worked out a way to do that yet on this new tablet thingy #paintingtour
07/14/2011 12:39:47 PM

[@bngr (bngr) @eolai have you got an ipad for the trip, how very web 3.0.]
@bngr Hope. My laptop is very broken – 4 yrs on a bike will do that. Have a Xoom to replace it and much more portable for trip + maps etc
07/14/2011 12:56:51 PM

@bngr Stupid corrective text. I typed ‘nope’ and it put ‘hope’. Must find how to stop it doing that.
07/14/2011 01:05:57 PM

Twitter hasn’t been letting me do much today but I’ve seen most things thru email notifications. One more hour of painting before cycling on
07/14/2011 03:52:03 PM

Kill village, Waterford. Not enough time to make it to Ring or even Dungarvan I think, so probably cycling just t…
Kill, in south County Waterford
07/14/2011 06:37:06 PM

[psneeze (Jim Daly): @eolai Does Kill village count as a double on the #paintingtour then?]
@psneeze It does! There’s been a few. Was keeping a list, in my head rather than Evernote. Hope it’s still accessible.
07/14/2011 08:37:16 PM

Online! Just 3km before Dungarvan. So it’s time at this stupidly late hour to find accomodation for the night. #paintingtour
07/14/2011 08:39:23 PM

I shouldn’t be taking pictures like this when I’m supposed to be looking for lodging. Dungarvan. Found some.
Boats in Dungarvan in Waterford
07/14/2011 09:42:32 PM

Painting: Stones and Swallows, Waterford #paintingtour
Waterford Wall, Swallows
07/14/2011 10:04:18 PM

[DungarvanDiary (Dungarvan Diary): A Twitter Painting Cycle Tour of Ireland has arrived in Dungarvan to rest his weary legs @eolai Cead Mile Failte]
@DungarvanDiary Thank you very much.
07/14/2011 10:41:32 PM

Working thru my backup supply of Barry’s teabags. I buy milk to chain drink. Regretting not bringing a teapot. Around Ireland with a teapot?
07/14/2011 00:26:44 AM


Day 15 Waterford – Cork

[johncollins1971 (John Collins): @eolai How's your knee doing?]
@johncollins1971 Both of them don’t like any kind of pushing – wind or upward gradient – and seize up when I stop cycling, but left is worse
07/14/2011 05:04:03 AM

Spent the last hour having to repeatedly turn off and de-batteryize devices so I can get online. Think I’ll just paint now.
07/14/2011 05:06:43 AM

Dungarvan at night. #paintingtour
Boats in Dungarvan in Waterford at night
07/14/2011 05:20:34 AM

[bngr (bngr): @eolai hope! that's @hilarious! By the looks of it you have a schmancy camera too, all adds up to heavy]
@bngr No fancy camera. All pics you’ve seen were taken by my little phone, smaller than yours. Tablet pics next then actual not fancy camera
07/14/2011 05:29:16 AM

[RositaBoland (Rosita Boland): @eolai q for u. How do you cycle and transport canvas when not dry? or r u using acrylics? Curious. #paintingtour]
@RositaBoland Yes, acrylics – which in this sun gives you seconds to use. But I also have plastic tub which’d hold drying canvas no problem.
07/14/2011 05:52:34 AM

[denisoregan (Denis O'Regan): @eolai the @cliffhousehotel might put you up seeing as you're in the area. Fellow tweeter and all that.]
@denisoregan Even if they were up for such kindness I wouldn’t have made it the extra 25 km. It was almost dark when I got here.
07/14/2011 05:55:21 AM

Today’s #paintingtour plan: Cycle to Ardmore, find cliff path to St Declan’s Hermitage, paint it, cycle to Youghal & further west if time
07/15/2011 07:12:23 AM

[McTheMac (PARTIALLY COLLIDED®): @eolai Beautiful place for cycling. The hermitage is just a hundred metres past the Cliff house hotel. Youghal is very close. Enjoy the day]
@McTheMac Cheers. Is there any little boat that goes across to Youghal or am I going back out to main Cork road?
07/15/2011 08:44:29 AM

[McTheMac (PARTIALLY COLLIDED®): @eolai Head straight out past road that leads to The round tower and about 2 miles up there is a left turn that'll take you to the bridge]
@McTheMac. Thanks, I see it now, and on satellite I see the Hermitage. Great location. Cycling will be grand; time for painting is challenge
07/15/2011 09:41:52 AM

‘What would you like for breakfast?” ‘Something big’. Hurrah for Tudor House in Dungarvan, 1st B&B to give me 2nd pot of tea without asking.
07/15/2011 03:45:38 AM

For anyone who asked me for a stick of rock from my #paintingtour here’s this, from Wexford
Wexford Sweet Shop
07/15/2011 09:52:54 AM

I promise to work on the downbeat monotone drone, but Boo! (Leaving Dungarvan) #paintingtour
07/15/2011 11:04:25 AM

Look where I am Ma. Rinn, Rinn, somebody give me a phone. #paintingtour
looking back down from Rinn towards Dungarvan in Waterford
07/15/2011 01:16:17 PM

[barbarascully (Barbara Scully): @eolai oh beautiful. An bhfuil tu ag labairt gaeilge? (r however u spell it)]
@aurora111 I was, but only to the cows and the birds. Just left An Ghaeltacht about 100 meters ago. :-)
07/15/2011 02:06:12 PM

[queenofpots (SusanC): @eolai Are you making your way towards Tipp?]
@queenofpots From Limerick I go to Cashel, but I have limitations on the route after that I wouldn’t've had before I started #paintingtour
07/15/2011 02:09:41 PM

For balance, I am now battered & drowned by the rain. Don’t remember cycling with my eyes closed before. Found te…
By the sea in Ardmore in Waterford
07/15/2011 02:10:23 PM

[fustar (John George Byrne): @eolai When are/were you in Limerick?]
@fustar After Cork & Kerry. & maybe Clare. map should show it’s well hosted, but might be there longer than planned
07/15/2011 03:26:08 PM

I hate tapping my leg when I’m wearing cycling shorts. And my shoe is full of water. And my knee hurts. #damndancemusic #paintingtour
07/15/2011 03:49:29 PM

Those who asked me how I would paint in the rain, well I still don’t know (notwithstanding Carlow) – but I’m about to find out #paintingtour
07/15/2011 04:10:18 PM

On a hill, atop a cliff, by the sea, in the rain, in Waterford, painting. #paintingtour
Painting St Declan's Hermitage at Ardmore in Waterford
07/15/2011 05:35:46 PM

Fire at Ardmore now.
A fire in Ardmore in Waterford
7/15/2011 08:26:18 PM

Youghal. In. Out of the rain. Would’ve gone further but dangerously low visibility. Cork, the 8th county so far of #paintingtour
07/15/2011 08:50:20 PM

[jonathangrimes (Jonathan Grimes ‏): @eolai well done! Must've been an enjoyable few days cycling this week with the nice weather]
@jonathangrimes It was. Though I haven’t thought in terms of wks; you tend to lose all track amid the hedgerows. Even wet today was glorious
07/15/2011 10:33:33 PM

[mediabite (Miriam Cotton): @eolai Are you coming to Clonakilty? #paintingtour]
@mediabite I believe so. Have had a host volunteer since about a wk ago.
07/15/2011 10:36:10 PM

[Nelligirl01 (Lisa Nelligan): @eolai Wow, eight counties, well done!]
@Nelligirl01 And no rescues since day 4! Seems like only yesterday I was in your home. I don’t know what yesterday means any more. :)
07/15/2011 10:39:02 PM

[MazzyK (Maria Kenny): @eolai Ardmore Studios?]
@MazzyK Ardmore the town, in Waterford. The smoke filled the bay, already full of rain
07/15/2011 10:40:28 PM

[CaitrionaW (Catriona W): @eolai Are you in Ardmore?]
@CaitrionaW I was! Difficult to communicate with devices in the rain, assuming I can even get online.
07/15/2011 10:42:32 PM

[CaitrionaW (Caitriona W): @eolai I hope you called into @cliffhousehotel for refreshment. If you're still in the area you should call in]
@CaitrionaW I’m in Youghal now, heading opposite direction. With painting as well as cycling there’s v little time to call in places.
07/15/2011 11:25:16 PM

[fustar (John George Byrne): @eolai Grand. Was going to offer a bed, but I see you're well sorted.]
@fustar Thanks very much. Appreciated. if things fall apart (always possible the way I throw dates around) I’ll definitely bear you in mind
07/15/2011 11:29:05 PM


Day 16 Cork

The sun is shining. Will make for an easier day than yesterday if it holds.
07/16/2011 06:41:40 AM

[DungarvanDiary (Dungarvan Diary): @eolai Would the Tour de France not of been easier? Where you headed this morning? #paintingtour]
@DungarvanDiary Today the plan is to cycle to Ballycotton for a spot of painting, then on to Carrigtwohill. #paintingtour
07/16/2011 07:00:45 AM

[TherealGerRyan (Ger Ryan): @eolai How has the #paintingtour been going? How many Twitterfolk have you met so far? Amazing that it's your 8th co! :0) ]
@TherealGerRyan Going great albeit exhausting. Really after painting I could do with flumping rather than cycling. Meeting wonderful people.
07/16/2011 07:06:42 AM

[BuckleyFineArt (Buckley Fine Art): @mediabite @eolai hi Miriam.Eolai, What are you up to? Cycling around the country painting? Is it like a new tour de paint :) do cycle by us]
@BuckleyFineArt I’m not really sure what I’m doing any more, but I’m enjoying it. Explanations are on
07/16/2011 11:01:16 AM

At the beach. In the sunshine and the slow-to-cycle-in wind.Garryvoe. Looking across the water at Ballycotton island. Painting #paintingtour
07/16/2011 02:46:12 PM

And the rain. The canvas blew 12 get into the rocks. Everything blowing everywhere. Big rain now!
07/16/2011 03:10:26 PM

Ha. That was fun. The beach scattered, the island disappeared, the rain came sideways, my tub of canvase s blew off the bike #paintingtour
07/16/2011 03:16:59 PM

Audioboo: Leaving Youghal #cork #munster #paintingtour
07/16/2011 03:39:54 PM

Cowering in the rocks from the wind & rain. Tide now 10 feet from bike on the beach. Somehow mangled a bungee hook into wheel #paintingtour
07/16/2011 05:09:33 PM

Better get my worried bike off the beach since the water is now 2 feet from it. Whose idea was this? #paintingtour
07/16/2011 05:35:42 PM

Just broke a paintbrush using it to try and free up the rear wheel. That wasn’t predictable. #paintingtour
07/16/2011 05:42:29 PM

[‏Niamheyb (Niamh Bonner): @eolai you need a scissors]
@Niamheyb God no, the metal hook is twisted over 360 degrees around the axle & locked into spokes. Need super wire cutter. Have a scissors.
07/16/2011 05:54:17 PM

And now me and the bike are getting wet. Who knew the tide comes in? Time to de-bag and carry bike & everything up over rocks. Sorry, knees.
07/16/2011 06:01:52 PM

Well, the water is in to the rocks now. Can’t go anywhere with wheel like that, but we won’t drown and the island looks nice. Cavalry on way
07/16/2011 06:45:44 PM

Here I am. Happy, and safe, and warm, and dry, and full of food, and fixed of bicycle, and full of wine. At Home Hannigan. #paintingtour
07/16/2011 01:40:27 AM

[ElaineEdwards (Elaine Edwards): @eolai Hurray! I'd better check your progress on the map. Need to practice cooking]
@ElaineEdwards If I ever makes it as far as you thete’s no need to worry – by then I’ll eat your utensils. So to speak.
07/16/2011 01:50:31 AM


Day 17 Cork

Before the waves came. Yesterdays painting spot. Garryvoe beach, Cork. #paintingtour
Garryvoe strand, Cork, the bike, painting in the rocks
07/17/2011 08:52:21 AM

[NancyMelkonian (Nanc Tinta Melkonian): @eolai once whilst on a beach in Cork I happened upon a large rock of Connemara marble....have you found anything interesting on the beach?]
@NancyMelkonian I found I’m not very good at judging the tide.
07/17/2011 09:24:59 AM

[MaireSligo(Máire Garvey): @_Sians I know! Ridiculous, isn't it? It's like November out there :-( ]
@MaireSligo That’s exactly what I said this morning.
07/17/2011 10:39:57 AM

[DiarCull (Diarmuid Culleton): @eolai Im not far away from you. Near little island. Need help? Diarmuid]
@DiarCull I’m grand thanks, in a very lovely home. Yesterday was just a bizarre piece of drama caused by a bungee hook. The weather was fun!
07/17/2011 10:56:16 AM

[SwearyLady (Lisa McInerney): @eolai Everyone's welcome at my festival of gab and yammering, you know that. Are we to expect you today?]
@SwearyLady Just thinking thru a plan for the next few nights right now after yesterdays keystone cyclist adventures. Let ya know in an hour
07/17/2011 11:00:33 AM

[MaireSligo (Maire Garvey): Not great for cycling in :-( . You giving yourself any days off this trip?]
@MaireSligo Sorting that right now. Cork was always planned to be a big regroup stop. Resting today from cycling – but not from painting
07/17/2011 12:21:33 PM

[MazzyK (Maria Kenny): @eolai Glad to read that you're safe, warm & dry. Hope the weather picks up for you :) ]
@MazzyK @Darcyfication Thanks very much. In fairness most of the weather has been great for me. Yesterday’s little drama was more nuisance.
07/17/2011 12:32:42 PM

[ElaineEdwards (Elaine edwards): @eolai Hah! It might be Indian food on your lap. Forget that posh treatment you've been getting]
@ElaineEdwards My favourite food, as it happens!
07/17/2011 06:33:36 AM

[ElaineEdwards (Elaine edwards): @eolai Sorted! *dusts down Madhur Jaffrey. Her book, I mean*]
@ElaineEdwards That’s a pity. I imagine there’s a market for watching you dust down Madhur Jaffrey.
07/17/2011 01:02:26 PM

Drinking tea. Not cycling today. Need to start painting though or it’ll be just #tour instead of #paintingtour
07/17/2011 01:04:47 PM

[dabarbarian (The Barbarian): @eolai where around are you now eolai?]
@dabarbarian East of Cork city, in Carrigtwohill. Will be going slow thru Carrigaline an Clonakilty as I try to catch up on painting, & rest
07/17/2011 01:24:45 PM

[WriterCath (WriterCath): @eolai with the rain, are you painting watercolours? Haha. Kill myself laughing, but easily amused today. Glad u made it off the rocks]
@WriterCath Effectively, yes.
07/17/2011 03:33:04 PM

[WriterCath (WriterCath): @eolai actually that evolved into a real question. Oil or acrylics? Can't remember.]
@WriterCath Ah, I meant to say that too – the paints are water based so the rain plays a role all right – acrylics. #paintingtour
07/17/2011 07:26:21 PM

Not as crazily windy out there now; time to go back out and finish this painting. #paintingtour #carrigtwohill
07/17/2011 07:59:32 PM

Finished that painting before dark, for my utterly lovely Carrigtwohill hosts – of a corner of their world. Show you tomorrw #paintingtour
07/17/2011 10:41:12 PM

[MazzyK (Maria Kenny): @curlydena @johnpeavoy In hospitals if there are no elbow taps, allow the tap to run whilst you dry your hands then turn off with the paper]
@MazzyK @curlydena @johnpeavoy A side note, but the last B&B I stayed in had cone shaped taps. To turn them off had to dry hands & use towel
07/17/2011 11:05:07 PM

Meanwhile, here’s a Youghal photo from yesterday morning (different to one on FB) #paintingtour
The harbour at Youghal with the tide out
07/17/2011 11:16:37 PM


Day 18 Cork

Planning my day. I hope my day doesn’t mind.
07/17/2011 05:57:17 AM

[MazzyK (Maria Kenny): @eolai Apart from the dodgy design, how are you doing?]
@MazzyK Very well, thanks. Juggling time for the most part.
07/18/2011 06:54:48 AM

Belvelly Castle, Great Island, Cork. En route to Cobh for soome painting, and on to Carrigaline #paintingtour
Belvelly Castle, Great Island, heading to Cobh, Cork
07/18/2011 12:58:05 PM

[ciaranpjd (Ciaran Downey): @eolai Oh, you little liar! Happy trails, bud. I’ll put two bullets in Child of Prague if you get repeat weather.]
@ciaranpjd Good old Latitude. Keeps transporting me tardis-like to & from Lucan. Quite funky watching it. Have to give it some latitude…
07/18/2011 01:52:07 PM

*waves* at @AnseoAMuinteoir ‘s mammy
07/18/2011 01:52:56 PM

[arlenehunt (Arlene Hunt): @eolai Thanks Eolaí, are you returned from your tour?]
@arlenehunt Oh no – at least 6 more wks to go. Am up steep hill nr Cobh now looking around, wondering if I’ll go down otherside#paintingtour
7/18/2011 01:59:48 PM

Who painted all those houses? Hey look, there’s a ferry. #paintingtour
Glenbrook ferry, Cork
07/18/2011 02:31:28 PM

Long Grass in Cobh. #paintingtour
Cobh, Cork and the bike
07/18/2011 03:10:42 PM

Painting, in Cobh. Stool just collapsed, throwing me on my ear in front of a bunch of tourists #paintingtour
Painting Cobh, Cork from the bike
07/18/2011 04:10:56 PM

I’m on a boat. Another boat. #paintingtour
Bicycle on the Glenbrook ferry, Cork
7/18/2011 05:56:42 PM

I’m in the house! What house? The house of @swearylady Making her root out her teapot now
07/18/2011 08:00:58 PM

Painting for the Hannigan family #paintingtour
Painting for Carrigtwohill hosts
07/18/2011 08:54:28 PM

Tweets from Day 19 to Day 85 will be added here.

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