Painting: Loch Con Aortha

Loch Con Aortha is a painting done mostly on site on the Painting Tour when in Connemara, and finished back in the studio in Dublin.

I cycled the coast road from Galway out past Spiddle and Ross A Mhil, on the R340 to beyond the Rosmuc peninsula and there, a few kilometres before Cill Chiaráin, nestled under the Cnoc Mordáin ridge, is the small lake that is Lough Aconeera.

Painting of Loch Con Aortha in County Galway
Best viewed enlarged

This painting is one of the 10 original commissions to fund the Painting Tour – specifically to buy the tablet and and the dry bags. Sitting in Connemara painting was an utter joy and the beginning of my most extraordinary day ever on a bicycle.

The blue in the painting is darker and richer than this photograph makes it appear

The rest of the completed paintings from the trip can be seen here.

Other paintings mostly done on location on the tour itself and completed since back in Dublin, are Cobh, Cork, Wexford, Crescent Quay and Galway Panorama, and Kenmare, Henry Street. There are about a dozen more still to come – and they really are coming, I promise.

Loch Con Aortha is painted on canvas, 50cm x 20cm (20in x 8in), and is destined for America.

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