A small sample of photos from the tour. Am still holding back most of the best of approx. 4,000 pictures. Batteries, rain, and barely having enough time to finish cycling before nightfall are all reasons why some areas of the country might seem under-represented.

Many of the above photos were taken by my phone or tablet and originally posted on PicPlz during the trip (picplz closed on July 3, 2012) so I’ll gradually be replacing those lesser quality pictures with photos I took with my actual camera.

The photos originally posted from the roadside by tablet or phone will continue to be viewable over on the part of the site which tells the story of the tour in tweets

3 Responses to Photos

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  2. Dan O says:

    Nice picture of Passage East…liz’s baile. We’ll tip one for you tonight! Jane, Doug, Mary and I will be at José Peppers. All the best!!

  3. eolai says:

    Brilliant Dan, and thanks. Brief but magical time in Passage. You sure you are meeting tonight though, it’s Monday?

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