Dear Xtracycle

A letter I sent to Xtracycle, which they featured on their then blog “Everyday Adventurers”

Dear Xtracycle:
I love you.
Six years ago I bought a FreeRadical with freeloaders and wideloaders.
I was living in car-centric Kansas City, and Xtracycle changed my life.
I quickly told people that the FreeRad was the best thing I ever bought.
Four years ago I moved home – to Ireland – with my XtraCycle.
I work for myself as an artist, a painter. There is no canvas, no frame, no entire art show, that my xtracycle has been unable to carry.
In 1992 I did a solo cycle through 10 countries from Ireland to Turkey.
In 1996 I did a solo cycle through 24 US States from Boston to San Diego.
I wish my bike had been XtraCycled back when I did those and other long-distance tours.
Starting on July 1st, I am doing a solo trip of 2-3,000 miles around all 32 counties in Ireland, painting pictures for people who shelter and feed me. Those people are finding me online: Painting Tour
I posted a gallery the other day of 24 photos of my XtraCycle carrying various loads. A national newspaper saw it (Irish Independent) and interviewed me for a feature on cargo/utility bikes.
I know of 2 cases in Ireland who have bought XtraCycles based on my witterings on Twitter and my blog.
Six years of heavy use, American Midwest weather, and Irish rain, have taken their toll. It’s a long time since anybody could read my snapdeck or called it a skateboard.
I still routinely tell people that XtraCycle is the greatest thing I ever bought. Because it still is.
But most of all, I love you.

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2 Responses to Dear Xtracycle

  1. Brian Oldham says:

    This is a great post. I ride a cargo bike and it does transform a person to do so. I just ride it every day and find there is very little I can’t do on it. We have a train that has room for bikes to I can go into the big city (San Francisco) with it. I have a car that is leased and it is just sitting these days. I used it 3 times each the last two months. When the lease is over I will just give it back. I would love to tour Ireland on the bike and agree that I wish I had this wonderful bike in the years I rode without one.

  2. Shawn Antaya says:

    My Xtracycle FreeRadical was my best bicycle purchase as well, I love it! It’s been 10 years now and I sometimes take it for granted. Carrying kids, groceries, boxes, kid bikes, Christmas trees, furniture, construction materials, the list goes on… It’s a utilitarian work horse, the Ford F150 of bikes. Thanks for sharing your Xtracycle love and enjoy your travels.

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