The route of the 32-county cycle is determined by the location of those on social media who volunteer to host me.

The idea is that I’ll do a painting for you in return for you feeding & sheltering me for a night. Paintings will be done in your locale or en route the day I cycle to you.

From a practical point of view the easiest painting for me to do would be of your home – or even more so a view from your home (especially if it’s raining) – but a painting of your local village or town, or other scene either near you or on the way from the previous night’s host, would work just as well.

Non-specific  scenes like my sheep paintings or my popular Birds & Wires paintings can also be done, though unless you have particularly odd shaped sheep or wire arrangements in your area the finished paintings are likely to appear generic.

The only paintings I don’t envisage doing are portraits – as I’m out pf practice for many years  and there won’t be enough time to produce that kind painting.

Locations of hosts and commissions

Hosts & Commissions

To date over 35 people have already volunteered as hosts.

With the trip planned to last about 2 months there are room for about 60 hosts, but even with less than I may have to refuse some offers to host – either because the route has already taken shape to the extent it can’t take in every possible twist, or because I already have enough hosts for your area.

Currently I already have a full compliment of hosts in the cities of Cork, Galway, Limerick, Sligo, and close to Dublin where the trip starts and ends.

Look at the maps of the route as they evolve to see where (and when) I’m likely to be heading, and check also the map of where currently there is the greatest need for hosts or if I already have a host for your area.

How to volunteer to host? After checking the maps of the route & hosts leave a comment, give me a shout on Twitter or FaceBook(public or private), or go old style and email me. Contact details are on the About page.

NOTE:  The privacy of hosts will be respected online, including not revealing locations of where people live or real names if hosts so desire.


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