A lot of audio was planned, but when 5 of the first 6 pieces I recorded evaporated into thin cyber air with me standing at the side of an Irish road trying to upload for ages, I lost heart. And other times I went to record, often just sounds, only to find android wouldn’t cooperate or that I’d forgotten to bring a microphone. But mostly I just clean forgot.

So you’re left with largely downbeat pieces I recorded when I had wifi, pieces recorded with me by Bernie Goldbach (Topgold) without whose assistance and enthusiasm I wouldn’t have recorded anything, and some later pieces when I remembered to record and the mifi co-operated:

Here are the links to their original pages on AudioBoo, together with the #paintingtour pieces recorded by Topgold:

You can follow me on Audioboo where I am Eolai

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  1. Rosemarie says:

    I am intrigued by your site. I love your paintings. I am very impressed with the idea you had of using your talent to pay your way round Ireland. Well done you. Did you finish the book and will you include all of your paintings. If not, will you post them in a gallery online – or better still open a gallery of your own. Are you going to do another painting adventure. I am starting a project on the 32 counties of Ireland through art. I want each painting to show Ireland from all of her aspects. I wish to find 3 pieces of art from each county that are especially relevant from a historic, political, social, touristic, adventurous mindset, etc I would love to include one of yours if not two, as an indication of how Ireland attracts the adventurous and of how Ireland of the welcomes is not just a myth. I wish you the best of luck on your next one.

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