Photos, Updates, and Plans

A quick note. I am blogging, but haven’t published any posts yet while I’m getting to grips with a new machine and a new way of doing things. But I will.

There are photos of the trip posted on a gallery of photos and as they were posted during the trip in line on the story in tweets

Photos of just the completed paintings can be seen here.

Also if you look closely at this website you will notice a thingamajig on the right hand side. It displays short updates by me from the trip, most often made from the road on the bike.

You can also see those updates on twitter under the #paintingtour hashtag. If you keep an eye on that tag you will also see chat and updates (such as photos) on the trip by other people including people who have hosted me.

There are also photos on my camera proper and my tablet which I’ll be posting somewhere soon.

6 paintings have been completed, including one commission which I did on day 1, and 5 paintings for hosts.

I’ve cycled in Dublin, Kildare, Wicklow, Carlow, Kilkenny, Carlow again, Wicklow again, and Wexford.

Sketches and journal notes are also going into a sketchbook. I’ll probably show you a page or 2 at some point.

5 recordings on AudioBoo were made but 4 of them didn’t just not upload – they didn’t save. I haven’t given up though, as recording on the bike especially is just too much fun not to keep trying.

Today I’m cycling down the Wexford coast. It is, at the time of writing (6 a.m.), the 1st day of the trip so far that I do not have a host for. That’s fine. I may stop somewhere, paint a picture, then try to sell it via Twitter and Facebook to fund a B&B and dinner.

Next counties on the list are Waterford, Cork, Kerry, Limerick, Clare, and Tipp. How and when I fit Laois and Offaly in will dictate schedule for Galway, Mayo, and Sligo.

In short the first 10 days have been tremendous. The people who have hosted me have all been brilliant (making it hard for me to move on) and every single cycling day has included staggering beauty. Honestly (I’ve thought about it).

Time to pack. I’m cycling in an hour. I’ll just have this pot of tea first.

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2 Responses to Photos, Updates, and Plans

  1. Maire says:

    Sounds idyllic. I’m glad it’s working out so well for you. Be prepared for gentle pressure to stay longer in Sligo :-)

  2. Just don’t let the technology get into the way during your trip. After all, it’s a Painting Tour.

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